These notes are for the whole course based on the prescribed textbook, Financial Institutions Management, as well as additional information from lecture slides and readings etc. They are thorough and concise summaries of chapters 1-18, excluding 3, 12, 13 and 17 (not covered in course) and provides many examples. These notes are perfect if you are time poor to make your own notes but want to obtain a HD.

Chapter 1: Why are financial institutions special?
Chapter 2: Analysing Bank Performance
Chapter 4: Risk of financial institutions
Chapter 5: Interest rate risk management – Repricing model
Chapter 6: Interest rate risk management – Duration model
Chapter 7: Managing interest rate risks using off-balancesheet instruments
Chapter 8: Managing interest rate risks using loan sales and securitisation
Chapter 9: Market Risk
Chapter 10: Credit Risk I – Individual Loans
Chapter 11: Credit Risk II – loan portfolio and concentration risk
Chapter 14: Liquidity Risk
Chapter 15: Liability and liquidity management
Chapter 16: Off-Balance-Sheet Risk
Chapter 18: Capital management and adequacy


Autumn session, 2017

69 pages

18,907 words



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