Semester 1, 2017


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The exam is open book - Notes are everything in this course!!

This is more than just a list of all the cases; all caselaw is tabulated, and sorted based on specific course concepts. The third column is a dot point summary of all case facts/rulings/ratio-decidendi -- this was a blueprint for all of my exam answers.

This case summary was the most beneficial document (for me) in the exam because it uses case-law to summarise each course concept; in an exam, you need only search for the course concept on the left column, and you'll have every relevant case at your fingertips.

Condensed and exam-ready --- this is a no-BS summary that means no more fumbling through all of your semester notes on that tiny exam desk.

Summary of EVERY RELEVANT CASE from the prescribed textbook ("Principles of Australian Commercial Law" - Turner et al), as well as those from tutorial handouts/lecture slides.




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