These are my HBS1HBA final exam notes for semester 1, 2017. These are notes I've taken from the lecture recordings, revision lectures, the e textbook and through some of my own research. Diagrams and images used mostly come from the e textbook: Tortora, G. J., Derrickson, B. H., Burkett, B., Dye D., Cooke J., Diversi T., McKean M., Mellifont R., Samalia L and Peoples G, (2016). Principles of Anatomy & Physiology: 1st Australia Pacific Edition. John Wiley and Sons. ISBN : 9780730329619 As well as some diagrams used or created by the lecturers at La Trobe University in the lecture videos. I hope these are helpful, this was my first time studying anatomy and physiology so I tried to make these notes as detailed as possible by using all the different resources provided to us. This document contains notes on mostly all LOs for each topic, and is set out in order of topic and the corresponding LOs for that particular topic. Topics: Intro to the Human Body Cell Structure and Function Movement of Molecules Nervous System Homeostasis and Endocrine System The Heart The Cardiovascular System Respiratory System Digestion and Metabolism Renal System Reproductive System Acid Base Good luck :)


Semester 1, 2017

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