Semester 1, 2017

Contract law exam study template 10pgs

10 pages

13,831 words




This template covers Topics 5-10 of introduction to business law. This colour coded template includes headings, key words, rules, definitions etc. for each topic. Template also refers to cases in the text book which were discussed in lectures.

The last few pages of the template has each referred case laid out in more detail with a page number for where to find it in the text book. This template was taken into the open book exam and was of GREAT use. It saved a lot of time reading through the textbook and other notes/ materials. This template basically covers every lecture in 10 pages.

NOTE: some cases were labelled with page numbers however not explained so it is up to you to put in that little bit of work to read about the case yourself. This template will also save A LOT of time when you are preparing to study as it is already set out for you. If you understand the topics and have paid attention in this unit you will 100% understand the template and what it is talking about and you will find it to be of great use for your study preparations for the exam.

T5 Implied terms of the contract,
T6 Remedies,
T7 Misrepresentation & commercial Misconduct,
T8 Legislation & remedies (liability for defective products),
T9 Consumer rights and the sale of GOODS & services (ACL),
T10 Agencies.




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