Semester 1, 2017

Law of Torts

114 pages

37,124 words




Stuck on the exam or assignment prep -
Comprehensive notes built with the final examination in mind.

Created for the RMIT Juris Doctor program, however, should assist with any Tort Law based unit due to how I laid them out.

How its set up:
The contents page is excellent and provides a quick way to source the case/legislation with relevant legal terms are next to each case to assist with referencing.

Each case as important points highlighted. All important legislation sections copied from the relevant legislation. All sections set out to assist with completing an IRAC question.

Example: Battery section starts with definition and rule and then moves to the cases and how they applied.

Why it is valuable:
I ensured to do self-research of cases not covered in the course work, such as remedies case law, which is required in every exam answer and Privacy cases which are likely to be a subject in any Torts course as it is relevant and contentious in Australian common law.

Everything is in order to try to make answering the question as quick and easy as possible.




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