Students are allowed to take a double-sided A4 "cheat-sheet" into the final examination.

The "cheat-sheet" includes all examinable content from weeks 1 to 12 (inclusive).

Thorough written explanations of theory are included on all topics, which ensured me top marks for any theoretical question(s).

Clear templates for all formulae and calculations - including Interval Estimations and Hypothesis Tests - are provided. These steps can be followed at all times. Following these worked examples assisted with my time-management in the 2-hour examination.

Also included are annotated graphs and screenshots (of E-Views, the program used in ETF2100). This helped analytical and interpretive questions.

Being double-sided, the text is of a small font. However, this is definitely still legible.


Semester 1, 2017

2 pages

4,124 words



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