Are you tired of sifting through Richard's dense af paragraphs? Well tire no more!

These tabulated notes allowed me to achieve a HD in my final 6 subject (yes 6 subject) semester. They are an amalgamation of information within the course notes as well as lecture dictations. Each table maximises information retention and contain straight-to-the-point information. Paragraphs only appear for the Topic's of Interest and minimally in the Standing and Walking Cycle.

Included in this pack are:
- Upper limb notes
- Completed upper and lower limb "Topic's of Interest" (something Richard does not provide but expects you to apply in your final essay in order to achieve HD status)
- Lower limb Standing and Walking cycle
- Formative assessment multiple choice questions

Note: The reason for the separation of notes is due to the change in page orientation from portrait (upper limb) to landscape (lower limb) as Word tables are hell at the best of times.


Semester 2, 2016

31 pages

7,320 words



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