Semester 2, 2015

High Distinction BIOL1003/1903 Course Notes - All HB Online content included with labelled images

116 pages

35,132 words



These notes provide an exceptionally clear and comprehensive overview of all content for the BIOL1003/1903 course. Textbook information is integrated with lecture material to provide detailed explanations for every topic, with key images and diagrams spread throughout to support the written material and clarify challenging concepts. All HB Online content is included with full solutions and labelled diagrams. These notes provide sufficient depth to be used as background material for second and third year neuroscience, anatomy and physiology subjects. Don't spend hours stressing over lecture recordings, just read these notes over the course of the semester to cover everything that you could possibly need to know to ace the final exam.

Note: These notes cover all examinable content for BIOL1003/1903, including the practical quizzes and the final exam. If you have these notes it will not be necessary to buy the textbook, saving you hundreds of dollars.