Hello there. You must be after course notes that includes everything so you can study. I understand that it takes a lot of time to make notes. So I'm selling these notes that includes all the content from Lectures. Won't it be nice to have everything on document. All these topics taught in Lectures include - 1. Introduction to Accounting 2. Ethics 3. Sustainability 4. Financial Accounting for Business: Recording Transaction 5. Posting and Trial Balance 6. Adjusting Entries & Adjusting Trial Balance 7. Closing Entries 8. Preparing Financial Statements 9. Interpreting Financial Statements 10. Management Accounting 11. Cost Volume Profit Analysis Not included in this is 12. Seminar for Personal Skill 13. Exam Revision (Can be downloaded separately from University Website) Everything is covered including definitions and examples. Ready for final Exams.


Semester 1, 2017

36 pages

6,032 words



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