Semester 1, 2017

(S1 2017) Final Exam Revision

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I've been tutoring MATH1041 for 2 semesters and am still currently tutoring so rest assured that these are all relevant to your semester. These notes were prepared for my students in Semester 1, 2017 for last minute revision.

I'm keenly aware of changes in the syllabus and exam format in each semester. This includes a revision on r-outputs, which are new for this semester.

MATH1041 is all about practice. However, there are a fair bit of material which requires memorising or describing. These notes are concise and specifically prepared for the final exam (NOT just a summary of lecture slides which won't help you much).

I also revise the problem areas which many MATH1041 students face in the second section.

This took me a fair bit of time to prepare and I'm sure that it will help you. If you need more help, you can look up my tutor profile on studentvip and I'd be happy to help!




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