- For $39 you are getting complete and concise skeletons / exam notes, all you need to do is apply the facts. What a bargain! - These notes will be your 'concise bible / step by step guide' for evidence. I wrote them entirely from scratch. - These notes include BOTH the RELEVANT LAW as well as AUTHORITIES, which have all been colour coordinated to further assist. - You can use the skeletons to apply the facts straight away in the exam (this saved a lot of time as the exam was incredibly tight for time). - You will note these notes are more brief than others on Student VIP. This is because they are concise and only include what is relevant/important. The exam is 2 hours long, be careful and don't take too much material in. - Achieved Distinction (82).


Semester 2, 2016

84 pages

19,591 words



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