These comprehensive, well-structured and well-formatted set of notes cover all the topics (including all the relevant sections and cases) you need to know for the final exam. Considering all the hours of time and stress they will save you, these notes are definitely worthwhile and I encourage you to take a look through the preview to check out the quality of the notes for yourself! The content includes: - Proof and Presumptions - Relevance - Privilege - Documentary and Real Evidence - Witnesses (incl. competence, compellability, examination, right to silence and character evidence) - Credibility evidence - Hearsay - Opinion - Tendency and coincidence evidence - Discretionary and mandatory exclusion of evidence - Judicial warnings, comments and directions about evidence Note: The page numbering at the bottom is slightly off as I've removed some topics which are no longer covered in the course BUT this is no way affects the actual content/quality of the notes.


Semester 1, 2016

107 pages

42,000 words



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