Fits as much as possible of the entire course onto two sides of one A4 page. Feel free to print this out and use it for the final exam.

This cheat sheet was built when the course was taught by Ian McDermid with the purpose of using it in the final exam in mind; it can also be used as a summary sheet to tie together all the concepts taught in the course.

Includes comprehensive summaries of:
Simple Linear Regression (+ comprehensive explanation of F-test and all hypothesis tests)

Guide to Interpreting Residuals (incl. Cook’s Distance, Normal QQ, Residuals vs. Fitted, Outliers, Influence)

Confidence/Prediction Intervals (+ transformations)

Multiple Regression (+ various headings including Hypothesis Tests, Variance Inflation Factors, Model Selection Critera)

Examples of Calculations (e.g. Hypothesis Tests, ANOVA, Beta Testing)

+ Much more including (and not limited to) related Assignment Solutions and Stepwise Refinement.


Semester 1, 2016

2 pages

4,793 words



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