Semester 2, 2016

HD ECON1102 Notes (2016/2017) - Everything You Need For a HD!

41 pages

10,417 words




- ALL content from Lectures, Tutorials + Textbook (4th Edition)

- ALL relevant Formulas, Diagrams and Examples (Colour Co-ordinated)

- ALL relevant assessable-content from the 2017 Course Schedule

Very concise and easy to understand if needed to cram for examinations!

Used personally by myself to achieve 24/25 (96%) in the Mid-semester Exam as well as 85% in the Finals

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Topic 1: Output and Prices
Topic 2: Saving and Wealth
Topic 3: Unemployment and the Labour Market
Topic 4: Short-term Economic Fluctuations
Topic 5: Spending and Output in the Short Run
Topic 6: Fiscal Policy
Topic 7: Money, Prices and the Reserve Bank
Topic 8: The Reserve Bank and the Economy
Topic 9: Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply
Topic 10: Open Economy Macroeconomics –Exchange Rates, Net Exports and International Capital Flows
Topic 11: The Economy in the Long Run –Economic Growth

The notes contain 40 pages.