End of semester 2 revision tables for ANAT102.

Includes joints of the upper limb - hand and wrist, elbow + radioulnar, shoulder; muscles of the hand, Thenar eminence, hypothenar eminence, forearm, shoulder, elbow, pectoral girdle; nerve supply of the upper limb - brachial plexus, nerve courses, upper limb myotomes and dermatomes; vertebrae characteristics, joints, ligaments and movements of the vertebral column, joints of the cervical spine, joints and muscles of the thoracic cage, respiratory muscles, muscles moving the trunk, muscle groups of the back (erector spinae, Transversospinalis, Unisegmental, muscles of the neck and head, functional anatomy of the vertebral column, skull, muscles of mastification and facial expression, cranial nerves, swallowing stages.


Semester 2, 2016

17 pages

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