These notes are extremely thorough. I created the notes through the use of a number of sources including:
- The ACL lecture slides;
- The Australian Corporate Law textbook;
- The Corporations Act Legislation textbook; and
- Numerous websites.

I went above and beyond the create the perfect set of notes which proved to be invaluable when preparing for the mid-semester exam, the presentation and particularly the open-book final exam.

NOTE: The notes contain a summary of EVERY SINGLE CASE mentioned in the subject outline plus MORE.

I have included a sample of the notes which contains the index, glossary and snapshots of lectures 3, 4 and 7.

The notes are laid out as follows:
- Lecture 1: Alternative Business Structures.
- Lecture 2: Incorporation and its Consequences (Part 1).
- Lecture 3: Incorporation and its Consequences (Part 2).
- Lecture 4: Corporate Decision Making / Corporate Governance.
- Lecture 5: Directors' Duties (Part 1).
- Lecture 6: Directors' Duties (Part 2).
- Lecture 7: Members' Remedies / Sources of Funding.
- Lecture 8: Fundraising and Disclosure / Maintenance of Capital / Dividends.
- Lecture 9: Accounts / Reporting / Audit.
- Lecture 10: Companies in difficulty / External Administration.

NOTE: I found that by having the index referring to the page numbers of each part of the notes, I was able to complete the final exam with ease and could navigate easily.


Summer session, 2016

77 pages

27,897 words



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