These Commercial law notes contain notes on:
- The PPSA (including a breakdown of PMSI & priority disputes)
- The SOGA (Including implied terms and a breakdown of the PASSING OFF of risk)
- Insurance
- Bankruptcy

Contained in each summary is a step-by step on how to answer a problem question for each topic ,the authority cases you MUST reference and the SECTION to relevant legislation you must CITE!

I have also included a detailed summary of each authority case you are required to know for these topics.

I have clearly listed the:
1. Importance of the case
2. Facts of the case
3. Ruling of the case
4. If the case is PRE or POST PPSA
5. How to use the case for the

These notes are ready to use while doing your Commercial law exam! Cases are colour coded in green, sections for relevant legislations are bolded, and steps on how to breakdown each problem question is numbered.


Semester 2, 2016

23 pages

6,915 words



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