Semester 2, 2016

Complete INFO20003 - Database Systems Subject Notes

81 pages

16,965 words




This note set covers the full subject of INFO20003 – Database Systems. The content of these notes was derived from lecture notes, lecture recordings, tutorial content and examples.

The notes include multiple diagrams, tables and syntax-highlighted code example blocks.

The topics covered are:
- Data, Information & Knowledge
- Database Development
- Data Modelling
- Structured Query Language (SQL)
- Enhance ER Modelling
- Data Model Quality
- Web and Databases
- Transactions
- Normalisation
- Data Warehousing
- Big Data Analytics
- Relational Algebra
- Database Administration
- Query Processing and Optimisation
- NoSQL Database
- Future of Databases

If the notes are opened using Adobe Reader, each topic and its relevant sections will be available in the 'Bookmark' tab.

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