For Neuroscience: Sensation, movement, and complex functions I wrote brief notes in class then cleaned them up and cross-checked with references - neuroscience textbook and internet - at a later date. As you can see I've used colours to highlight the important parts ( red for keywords) and I've tried to use my own words to explain concepts simply at all times. I found this style of note taking especially conducive to writing out palm cards and revising at the end of semester as you can read through and easily pick out headings and keywords with the colour scheme. I've even included some diagrams that I produced myself to assist with my learning. Contains: Neural Organisation Neuroanatomy: Cortical Structure Connectome Using Connectomics to Develop Electroceuticals Language Numeracy Visual Pathways - Dorsal Stream Ventral stream: Object Recognition What is Knowledge? What is Computable? Cellular Automata, and Artificial and Real Neural Networks Pain 1 - Peripheral Mechanisms Pain: Spinal Mechanisms Central Pain Pathways Pain Syndromes Overview of the Experience of Pain Placebo and the Role of Belief in Pain Experiences Studying Cognition and Behaviour Addiction Glia Myelin Visceral Sensation Localising Brain Function - fMRI Psychosis and Schizophrenia


Semester 2, 2016

55 pages

21,594 words



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