Microeconomic Principles is a thoroughly enjoyable subject that, with practice and revision, can provide success to the student. I found that the amount of graphs and economic terminology to be initially, a little overwhelming and difficult to keep up with, however, my notes helped me to understand how to construct the diagrams and really put the lecture theory into practice and illustration.

My notes offer comprehensive coverage of the theory and calculations taught during lectures 1 to 12 in ECON111 as well as the essential content available in the supporting textbook for the unit.

-The textbook content has been thoroughly summarised within the notes.
-Each Learning Objective is covered in detail, ensuring that each point that can be tested in any exam is covered.
-Every formula and graph needed for any assessment.
-Appropriate detail for the smaller Learning Objectives not completely covered in the lectures.
-All terminology is accompanied by a definition and description.

Good Luck!


Semester 2, 2016

70 pages

12,439 words



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