General comments on all of my study notes:

They are laid out to include week-by-week notes from lectures, readings, and tutorials. Reading notes will sometimes include my own comments or any in-tutorial tasks on assigned readings; otherwise, reading notes are key-quotes and paragraphs pulled from the readings with their relevant page numbers. All of my notes also include extra reading notes from relevant essays / external research. Please also note that if I was unable to attend a lecture or tutorial, these weeks are blank. Moreover, I don’t usually take notes in tutorials so these are often blank too but I have included any notes I may have taken at the time for your reference. There may also be typos and abbreviations but I generally take quite detailed notes. I have removed essays, speeches, and anything that could pass as plagiarized work as per the Student VIP guidelines.


Semester 1, 2016

46 pages

17,662 words



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