Experiencing the LifeSpan

Janet Belsky

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Experiencing the Lifespan

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Experiencing the Lifespan

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SPSS Statistics Version 22

Peter Allen, Kellie Bennett, Brody Heritage

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Experiencing the Lifespan

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How to Write Psychology Research Reports and Essays

Bruce Findlay

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Experiencing the Lifespan

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Experiencing the Lifespan

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PSY2071 Summary Notes

Written by Michelle

Summarised notes of the weekly lectures and readings.

33 pages, 22594 words

PSY2071 Textbook Summary

Written by Erika

A comprehensive collation of chapter summaries for the prescribed readings for Developmental Psych,...

80 pages, 24155 words

PSY2071: Developmental Psychology Semester 1 notes

Written by Ashling

Detailed and colour coordinated PSY2071 notes from lectures, prescribed readings and seminars, all b...

54 pages, 13783 words


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Interesting unit if you don’t leave it all to the last minute. Data analysis exercises are decent, and so is the lab report and other assignments. But the exam, especially the stats part of it was a bit of a mess. I recommend properly learning the stats info during the semester (even though it’s in the last few weeks) rather than waiting till swotvac.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

If you're looking for a unit that is relatively easy and interesting at the same time this is it. Easy to get through, the assignments are straight forward (attend your labs and you will get good marks). The exam is good to study for, hopefully like this year, they will provide more broken down readings instead of whole chapters, making exam study a breeze. Only downside is statistics: the assessments are easy with the right resources provided to you so there's no reason to do bad on those. Only thing is the exam component which is hard and draining to study for.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Super easy unit to score in! Easy to understand & relatable to our everyday lives. Contains a small statistics component but that's not too hard at all.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016