Australian Labour and Employment Law

Marilyn Jane Pittard, Richard Naughton

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Macken's Law of Employment

Carolyn Sappideen

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Australian Labour and Employment Law

Marilyn Jane Pittard, Richard Naughton

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D Employment Law (LAW4132) Exam Notes

These comprehensive LAW4132 notes were formulated for use in the Employment Law exam (which is open-...

73 pages, 36312 words

HD Law of Employment Exam Templates

Hi,  These templates are very structured. They are also exam friendly because they are colour cod...

102 pages, 35118 words

HD (89) Exam notes and case summaries - Highest scoring student

These are the notes used by the highest scoring student (89) in Semester 2, 2018. They are colour co...

62 pages, 18238 words

HD Law of Employment Comprehensive Exam Notes (updated, 2021)

This is the complete set of notes used to obtain a HD in LAW4132 Law of Employment in Semester 1 202...

123 pages, 55956 words


These were my HD (81) Exam Structured Notes for law of employment. They are a succinct combination o...

135 pages, 50755 words

LAW 4132 - Law of Employment notes

Structured and detailed exam notes 1. Sources of employment law 2. Nature of working relationshi...

67 pages, 28738 words

Skeleton for Employment Law

Topics included in notes: 1 Minimum standards 2 The (complex) regulation of employment 3 The FW...

41 pages, 22000 words

Employment Law (HD) Exam Script

These were the notes I used to score a HD in the exam. It includes all the course material, relevant...

59 pages, 34637 words

HD (85) Structured Employment Law notes that will help you in your exam!

I used only these notes to achieve a 85 in employment law. The notes are very structured and colour...

143 pages, 63067 words

EMPLOYMENT Exam Notes (detailed template - copy + paste into exam)

Tailored for exams by compiling all notes from the semester into one document, including from lectur...

122 pages, 55849 words


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previous review is outdated. this unit has a lot of content and is by no means a bludge. It is very interesting and relevant, however be prepared to put in the work. there is a steep learning curve and it is important to remain up to date throughout the semester.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Highly recommend this unit. Definitely something to do if you want easy marks, and especially manageable with a heavy workload. 3/10 difficulty.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018