Essentials of Research Design and Methodology

Marczyk, Geoffrey R.

For sale by Vanessa for $20


Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven J. Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Nancy J. Woolf

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Study Guide to Accompany Psychology, 3rd Australian & New Zealand Edition

Lorelle Burton, Alastair Younger

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Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6ed

Association, American Psychological

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Psychology: From Enquiry to Understanding


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Psychology: From Enquiry to Understanding


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How to Write Psychology Research Reports and Essays

Bruce Findlay

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Scott Lillienfled, Steven J. Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Nancy J. Woolf, Graham Jamieson, Anthony Marks, Tony Marks, Virginia Slaughter, Alex Main

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Publication manual of the American psychological association (6th ed.)

American Psychological association

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Scott Lillienfled, Steven J. Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Nancy J. Woolf, Graham Jamieson, Anthony Marks, Tony Marks, Virginia Slaughter, Alex Main

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PSYC104 Lecture Notes

Written by Leigh

All lecture content + short summaries Topic 1&2 Introduction to Psychology Topic 2: Motivation...

64 pages, 17464 words

HD-grade PSYC104: Entire Course Covered

Written by Mac

This 98 page document covers essentially the entire PSYC104 course: it's comprehensive, includes not...

99 pages, 25046 words

Psyc104 HD Summary Research Design Notes

Written by Gabrielle

High quality summary notes covering all examinable research design topics Topics covered: (1) intro...

26 pages, 6474 words

Psyc104 HD Summary Lecture Notes

Written by Gabrielle

High distinction summary notes covering all examinable lecture topics Topics covered: (1) History i...

37 pages, 8783 words

PSYC104 Summary notes: Lectures, Tutorials & Research Design notes

Written by Kate

Grade: HD Highly organised, detailed and simplified notes from Session 1, 2018. These notes inc...

60 pages, 16190 words

HIGH DISTINCTION Introduction to Psychology Lecture and Tutorial Notes

Written by John

For the thoroughly enjoyable and informative PSYC104 unit, these comprehensive study notes are based...

61 pages, 10123 words

PSYC104 Notes (High Distinction)

Written by A

Thorough yet concise notes which cover all the lecture content. Easy to understand and excellent for...

22 pages, 5909 words

introduction to psychology 1

Written by Saja

Detailed Psychology lecture, tutorial and textbook notes. Include diagrams

68 pages, 17319 words

PSYC104 notes from lectures and PAL (Distinction)

Written by D

These notes contain effective summaries from the Semester 1 2015 lectures and PAL sessions. They are...

76 pages, 15406 words

Excellent psyc104 notes

Written by Shah

These notes are detailed and easy to understand. It covers both the psychology and research & desig...

22 pages, 9951 words


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Good introduction to psychology, there are certainly dry parts of the course but it's overall an interesting and fairly easy start to your psychology course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The only rough part is those 2 hour lectures

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Interesting unit, though some parts can be dry. Practice exam is harder than the actual exam, some questions are not in it, it's just a random paper. Easy marks to get in Res Des Quizzes, Tutorial Participation and Research Participation but don't get complacent as some parts of this unit can be rather complex. I did this unit over summer. The tutorials are a bit of a waste of time as they don't go through the lecture content. Unit is heavy in content. Tutors are happy to help. Take advantage of the PAL sessions if you can schedule it in. Essay requirements not taught properly, ask tutors for further clarification. Lillienfeld textbook helpful for filling in missing gaps, can be accessed online through Library Multisearch or RESERVE COLLECTION Textbooks. Lectures cover most things, though I preferred it to be a bit more detailed like the textbook. The RES DES TEXTBOOK wasn't that helpful, but some questions in the Res Des. Quizzes can only be known through accessing this textbook. All in all, Mem is a good unit convenor happy to help!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Really interesting unit, with applicable content. It could have been organised better, and the TopHat component wasn't always congruous with the research design lectures. Essay requirements were very poorly taught, so definitely do your own research into APA formatting because the tutors are hardly helpful! Simone (tutor) was very rude, unhelpful and unapproachable as well, so avoid her if you can!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Definitely got me excited to do the rest of my psychology degree! Some of the content was heavy, though: please be careful with the lecture on eating if you have experience with eating disorders, it's not very sensitive at all.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Really interesting content. The lectures and the tutorials are a bit wonky and dont match up in content all the time. There's a lot of content with reading and writing but all the information is useful and insightful into the behaviors and thoughts of humans. Overall the subject is interesting but it needs a lot of work and concentration because you either get it or you dont :(

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Super interesting unit. There's a lot of content but the textbook is great and the lecturers are generally great and engaging.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

It was a good experience. The content was really interesting but very heavy. There was a lot that needed to be understood and memorised for the final exam which was worth 40%. Weekly quizzes was easy but time consuming as you had to watch a separate online lecture on the research design component. I found the tutes as being a waste of time since we didn't even go through the lecture content. The essay was marked quite harshly too, so overall it was okay. Just need constant self-motivation to get through the semester.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Content: Really interesting but quite heavy Quizzes: Easy Research and Design content, but no quiz questions on other lecture content which can be a bit hard when studying for the final exam Exams: From the above point before, the quizzes were good for revision but only about 10/120 of the Final Exam questions were on Research and Design. They did give us a practice exam but it the questions were copied form the internet so it was hard to study from a Practice exam that didn't have questions written by a university Faculty Assignments: Essay was easy but you need to do plenty of research and prepare beforehand. It was not something I could pull off the night before. Overall: Interesting and good.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Res Des is dry, but end of sem exam was good - only multiple choice questions

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017