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Written by Bronte

MKTG216 Cheat Sheet - managed to fit whole subject onto cheat sheet

1 pages, 2032 words

Study Notes and Cheat Sheet

Written by Hannah

I have summarised each chapter of the textbook in conjunction with the lectures. I have also added m...

26 pages, 7723 words

HIGH DISTINCTION!!!, no need to memorise formulas and theoretical parts, 1 SIDE A4 CHEAT SHEET, for assignments studying and final exam

Written by ANGIE

-1 side A4 cheat sheet -ideal for studying, assignments and finals -use of colours to easy dis...

1 pages, 3363 words


Written by Justin

Final Notes that covers APSI, Lorenz Curve, the ratios, Gini Coefficient and more!!! Covering the...

46 pages, 9132 words

MKTG 216 Notes

Written by Aaron

Includes all content from lectures examinable in final exam. Excludes TableBuilder week.

30 pages, 6216 words


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