BUS301 Unit Reader - Global Business Strategy

Macquarie University

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BUS301 Global Business Strategy Unit Reader

Department of Marketing and Management

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BUS301 Complete Semester Notes

Written by Caitlin

Complete and detailed set of notes for BUS301 - Global Business Strategy - Concepts - Sources of...

45 pages, 9160 words

BUS301 semester summary

Written by Sassika

notes for each lecture for end of year exam. collaboration of lecture notes, textbook and individual...

56 pages, 11989 words

BUS301 Complete Lecture Notes

Written by Bridget

These notes go through in great detail all of the lecture content. There is one week that is not in...

45 pages, 9276 words

BUS301 Lecture Notes

Written by Ashlee

Thorough notes complied after every lecture throughout the semester for BBA340 - Cross Cultural Mana...

57 pages, 9317 words

Final Exam Notes

Written by Chrtistopher

Final exam notes, covers every topic

56 pages, 9006 words


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Honestly, a waste of time - spend second half of the semester tutorials listening to other people's presentations. Lecturer is difficult to listen to and often goes off on a tangent. You should just study the lecture slides and read the unit reader as supplementary material - pretty much learn it yourself.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018