What is Lost On Campus?

It is Australia's biggest app built for uni students. It makes starting uni easier. It's also free.

Currently, over 500,000 students have downloaded the app. Around 30% of students use it each year.

Lost On Campus provides them with detailed, interactive campus maps for largest the 42 campuses around Australia. 57,000 campus locations are covered. Over 400 fantastic student-editors have been involved in keeping the content up-to-date.

The app is available on 3 platforms;

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

It is part of a group of free services provided under StudentVIP.com.au. 46% of all current Australian uni students are members of StudentVIP.

There is no implied or actual endorsement from your university for this app.

What is so good about Lost On Campus?

Beyond buildings.

Of course Lost On Campus maps lecture theatre, tutorial room, computer labs and toilets.

But it goes even further showing your nearest bus stops, uni services, sport venues, shops, food outlets, coffee - even vending machines, water bubblers and free microwaves! Our most popular category? "Secret places". Check them out.

Beautiful maps

Way beyond google.

We had a digital cartographic designer hand building every campus map from commercial aerial photography.


Lost On Campus has a massive campus map Content Management System (CMS) and 177 local Campus Editors. Member feedback and annual audits keep the app up-to-date.


Be part of your campus community faster! Vote on your favourite coffee place. Comment on any location. Lost On Campus isn't just a map - it's a community conversation. What are your tips to new students?

Rated 5 stars

In all app stores Lost On Campus is rated 5 stars! It is also Australia's most popular app for university students.

Who built Lost on Campus?

400 student editors plus 3 terrific student programmers working with Student Services Australia Pty Limited. SSA was founded in 1990, employs 16 staff full time and 250 student-staff around Australia. Other SSA services:

University collaboration

Contact Andrew, below, for more information.


Andrew Maloney
Managing Director
Student Services Australia
Suite 401, 50 Holt Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel 02 9698 4999
Email: [firstname] @studentservices.com.au

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