Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan, Vicki Vann, Susan Barkehall Thomas

For sale by James for $80

Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan, Vicki Vann, Susan Barkehall Thomas

For sale by Nicolina for $80

Equity and Trusts Sourcebook

Bryan, Michael

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Principles of Equity and Trusts

Written by Marta

This note is a combination of lecture notes and reading notes. It is organised by lectures and has a...

172 pages, 66334 words


Written by Natasha

Only Trusts/Second half of the course. Currently doing this subject. I will update what my mark is...

69 pages, 27273 words

Principles of Equity and Trusts Complete Notes

Written by Heath

Comprehensive notes complete with an extensive contents page which can be used as a summary, all rel...

126 pages, 20000 words

Equity & Trusts Law - Summaries

Written by Sarah

Summaries compiles information from lectures, tutorials, textbooks, commentary, legislation and case...

117 pages, 42411 words

LAW3ETR Exam Notes

Written by Daniel

These notes covered weeks 6 to 12 that dealt with Trusts. Also provides a good summary of key cases...

36 pages, 20496 words

Equity and Trust Law Notes - LAW3ETR

Written by ALICIA

My notes contain an exhaustible list of case examples and summaries. I got an A for this subject...

166 pages, 78543 words

Equity and Trusts Exam Notes

Written by Sierra

Equity and Trusts (LAW3ETR) exam notes incorporating lectures, tutorial notes and readings from two...

60 pages, 14318 words


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Difficult but practical.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The subject was taught really well and tutorials really clarified what was taught in lectures. Attendance of tutorials is a must to do well in this subject!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015