Corporations Law Guidebook

David Anthony Wishart

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Understanding Company Law

Phillip Lipton, Abraham Herzberg

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Understanding Company Law

Phillip Lipton, Abraham Herzberg, Michelle Welsh

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Company Law Revision Notes

These notes contain a detailed summary of all content covered in the course. This includes material...

61 pages, 16173 words

Company Law - Summaries

Summaries compiles information from lectures, tutorials, textbooks, commentary, legislation and case...

127 pages, 46235 words

Company Law Notes (Comprehensive)

Includes lecture and class notes, all readings prescribed in the Lipton book (yes I read over 300 pa...

136 pages, 35442 words

LAW3CMP - Full Course Notes (Lecture, Textbook & Tutorial)

Includes weekly notes on: - Topic 1A: Regulatory Framework -Topic 1B: Registration and its Effects...

186 pages, 79919 words

Company Law Complete Notes

Comprehensive notes complete with an extensive contents page which can be used as a summary. Include...

186 pages, 25000 words

Comprehensive Company Law Notes

Very comprehensive notes. Include tables and diagrams, summaries of all readings, all relevant legis...

87 pages, 34166 words


Comprehensive notes on each week of LAW3CMP, taken predominantly from the lecture slides in an easy...

132 pages, 40557 words

Company Notes - Content Summary (exam and subject notes).

These notes provide a detailed summary of the course including case summary and steps to follow in a...

220 pages, 39108 words

Company Law Exam Checklists

I have provided checklists for the exam to help with problem solving questions. It includes all core...

57 pages, 7104 words

Company Law Notes

Table of Contents Sole proprietorship ................................................................

153 pages, 51739 words


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