Real Property in Australia

Michael Hefferan

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Real Property in Australia

Michael Hefferan

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The Valuation of Real Estate (2nd Edition).

Australian Property Institute

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Written by Kevin

These notes combine the books weekly readings, exam revision notes, lecture notes and other relevant...

27 pages, 6142 words

MMP111: Introduction To Property Complete Study Notes (90 Exam Score) (Revised T2 2017)

Written by Harry

These notes are a comprehensive guide to MMP111: Introduction To Property Trimester 2 2017. They cov...

44 pages, 7056 words

MMP111 Intro to Property HD Study Notes

Written by James

These carefully prepared notes for Deakin's MMP111 Introduction to Property should set you on your w...

31 pages, 6780 words

Introduction to Property Revision Notes

Written by Ryan

Concise notes that helped me get understand weekly content. Revision lecture included.

33 pages, 5531 words


$30 per hour

Calling all property students! I am a recent property graduate at Deakin University finishing on a...