Human Resource Management in Australia

Kramar, Robin

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Human Resource Management 9E Hybrid

R. J. Stone

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Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Raymond J. Stone

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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Final Exam Revision

No diagrams included however they are most useful from the textbook and the page numbers are added i...

21 pages, 4737 words

Concise MMH230 Exam Revision Notes

These notes are concise, easy to read, well set-out, and include all the key content you will be tes...

15 pages, 4563 words

MMH230 HD Exam notes

Topics: WEEK 1 – Introduction WEEK 2 – HRM & the law WEEK 3 – HRM & the law 2 – occupational he...

73 pages, 23205 words

HIGH DISTINCTION MMH230 Strategic Human Resource Management Notes

These notes are collated from the textbook, study guides, lectures and alternative online sources to...

65 pages, 15951 words


very concise easy to read notes! covers all the learning objectives through out the unit. All you ne...

37 pages, 9993 words

MMH230 - T3 Exam Notes Achieved A distinction overall

These are the notes I used for the final exam it includes all weeks including all learning objective...

29 pages, 6387 words

MMH230 Learning Objectives Complete

A detailed composition of all learning objectives for MMH230 Strategic Human Resource Management. St...

20 pages, 5000 words

Human Resource Management Notes

Human Resource Management Notes + Important Info Highlighted + Revision Topic 1 - Strategic HRM To...

23 pages, 2633 words

Unit Notes

Detailed outline of all learning objectives for Strategic Human Resource Management. In depth unders...

46 pages, 9559 words


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Content was good and relatable

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