International Commercial Law, 6th Edition

John Mo

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Written by Bianca

These notes are all I needed to achieve a HD 88% for MLL336 International Commercial Law. I also rec...

40 pages, 5026 words

HD International commercial law notes

Written by Brody

Comprehensive MLL336 International Commercial Law notes Topics covered: - Settlement of Commercia...

182 pages, 78210 words

HD International Commercial Law Exam Notes

Written by Melanie

Well-structured, concise, colour-coded. Contains: Topic 1: Introduction to International Commerc...

50 pages, 22113 words

HD International Commercial Law Exam Notes

Written by Liana

Simple easy to follow exam notes for International Commercial Law. Very comprehensive and writte...

63 pages, 26960 words

MLL336 International commercial Law Notes

Written by Fatima

Content notes compiled from textbook, lectures and extra reading Contains: Topic One – Introduct...

50 pages, 36500 words

International Commercial Law exam and study notes

Written by Daniella

My notes from the subject MLL336 International Commercial Law.

42 pages, 16019 words

International Commercial Law notes

Written by Jordana

MLL336 - International Commercial Law notes incorporating information for textbooks, lectures and le...

63 pages, 18313 words


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Hello, I graduated with the following in 2015: Bachelor of Laws (H2A Honours) and Bachelor of Manag...


The lecturer was brilliant. Unit itself is quite dry and dull at times, though the workload was generally manageable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015