Australian Commercial Law


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Commercial Law

Samantha J Traves

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Australian Commercial Law

Clive Turner (1942- author), John Trone

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Consumer Protection Law in Australia

Alex Bruce

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Commercial Law

Samantha Traves

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Commercial Law

Samantha J Traves

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Commercial Law Pack

Traves & Bruce

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Consumer Protection Law in Australia

Bruce, A

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Concise australian commercial law

thomson Reuters

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Consumer Protection Law in Australia

Alex Bruce

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Written by Bianca

These notes are all I needed to achieve a HD for MLL215 Commercial Law. Covers all topics includ...

104 pages, 34386 words

Commercial Law Exam Notes - received best mark in MLL215, 93% on exam

Written by Tamara

Notes for MLL215. 93% on the exam, and best student in the subject at Deakin. Covers the Law of Agen...

32 pages, 17848 words


Written by Meg

Here are my notes for Commercial law for which I got the top mark! My notes are a combination of lec...

52 pages, 41685 words

Commercial Law Notes, Answer Guides and Case Law Summaries

Written by Isabella

These comprehensive notes include - notes from prescribed readings, revision slides and lecture no...

175 pages, 47745 words

Commercial Law unit OUTLINE

Written by Shannan

A full outline covering all topics from the trimester that I used in my exam including: Agency, Sale...

56 pages, 19890 words

Commercial Law Notes

Written by Madison

Thorough and cohesive notes for MLL215 with case studies, examples and diagrams throughout. All y...

154 pages, 68781 words

Commercial Law Notes

Written by Cheree

Commercial Law Notes from Semester 2, 2017 covering: The Law of Agency Sale of Goods Law Securi...

64 pages, 27449 words

Commercial Law Notes

Written by Pranjal

These notes are comprehensive of the entire unit, with week by week notes. These also includes the t...

66 pages, 30696 words

MLL215 Commercial Law: Cases

Written by Emma

Please note: These notes are an add on from my MLL215 Commercial Law: Notes booklet! Summaries of...

39 pages, 31760 words

MLL215 Commercial Law: Notes

Written by Emma

Please note: These notes go together with MLL215 Commercial Law: Cases! Full & comprehensive note...

104 pages, 31754 words


$66 per hour

PhD student Medico Law LLB/LP (hons) I am an online tutor unless you are in SA. Price incl GST I...


I found the content very interesting and all staff members did their utter best to be helpful. I found the workload to be slightly too high but overall it was a pleasant experience.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Thoroughly enjoyable subject. This was the first unit I studied online and although I was quite stressed, I found that the workload was manageable and the content was straight forward. If you put in the effort it is quite easy to get a great score for this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Workload was quite high because the unit covered many topics. Very detailed, consisting of a number of laws and cases. Lecturer was fair and taught how to approach answering questions. Assignment was marked too harshly.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Enthusiastic and committed lecturer, reasonable workload and engaging material

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Material was a little dull but the workload was manageable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Interesting subject but workload was not manageable

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013