Clinical Nursing Skills: Basic To Advanced Skills

Sandra F. Smith, Donna J. Duell, Barbara C. Martin, Michelle L. Aebersold, Laura Gonzalez

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Exam Study Notes

Written by Breanna

These are extremely comprehensive exam study notes that are separated into 5 weeks of content. T...

29 pages, 9020 words

HNN325 Exam Notes

Written by Samantha

HNN325 Notes Includes weekly content and all intended learning outcomes (pathophysiology, drugs, nu...

96 pages, 22504 words


Written by David

(There is an added bonus of a drug diary attached for relevant medications) HNN325: Comprehensive...

38 pages, 10252 words

HNN325 Intended Learning Outcomes

Written by Olivia

Comprehensive summaries of every Intended Learning Outcome (i.e examinable material). I received...

60 pages, 22948 words

HNN325 exam notes

Written by Carrie

Entire units worth of easy to understand notes from weeks 1-6. Including actual and potential proble...

27 pages, 6760 words

HNN325 nursing notes

Written by Carrie

Comprehensive nursing notes focusing on the ILO's. From week 2 onwards. Helped me get HDs in the wee...

27 pages, 6115 words


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Incredibly interesting unit. Ensure to keep up with weekly content so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Excellent content and teaching!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015