Living with Chronic Illness and disability. Principles for nursing practice

Esther Chang & Amanda Johnson

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Chronic Illness and Disability

Esther Chang, Amanda Johnson

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HNN319 Notes

In-depth notes covering 7 weeks of HNN319 Chronic Illness & Supportive Care. Covers all learning ob...

47 pages, 11853 words

Exam Study Notes

Comprehensive and detailed notes for HNN319. These notes helped me tremendously for the final exam a...

32 pages, 6318 words

HNN319 Chronic Illness Notes

My HNN319 Chronic Illness Notes are typed, colour coded and include a combination of prescribed/reco...

24 pages, 9117 words

HNN319 Summary Notes

Comprehensive summary notes covering weekly content: - Models of chronic care + chronic heart failu...

21 pages, 5957 words


Includes a list of definitions covered in the unit, which were helpful for me during the exam. The t...

3 pages, 535 words

HNN319 Exam Notes

Complete and comprehensive notes complied from readings, videos and ILO’s from HNN319 - Nursing Mana...

39 pages, 7191 words

HNN319 Exam Notes

On my exam for HNN319 I achieved 84%. These notes were made weekly during class and in my study...

38 pages, 9134 words

HNN319 Notes

Notes covering the whole subject. Weeks 1-6 (entire semester) Week 1: Models of chronic care Week...

6 pages, 2210 words

HNN319 nursing notes

HNN319 - Nursing notes helpful for the unit and exam.

7 pages, 2008 words


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