Medical Surgical Nursing - Critical thinking for person-centred care

Lemone, burke, Bauldoff et al

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Medical surgical

Lemone, Burke,

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Physical Examination and Health Assessment

Carolyn Jarvis

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Medical-surgical Nursing

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Principles of Pathophysiology

Bullock, Hales

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Written by Diana

Weekly care plans covering the following topics: - Inflammation - Infection - Ischaemia - Obstru...

19 pages, 3370 words


Written by Diana

Exam notes covering weekly ILOs: - Inflamation - Infection - Ischaemia - Obstruction - Trauma...

22 pages, 5882 words

HNN227 Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 3 ILO content

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Full trimesters worth of content covering all ILOs for HNN227 Quality and Safety: Nursing Practice 3...

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HNN227 Exam and weekly notes

Written by Ash

These notes are set up in the weekly teaching format and contains weeks 1-6 of the seminar content....

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HNN227 Nursing Notes

Written by Carrie

15 pages of easy to understand HNN227 nursing notes helping with clinical and the exam.

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Exam Preparation Notes

Written by Breanna

These notes have addressed all of the Intended Learning Objectives for each week of content. Content...

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the hurdle assessment before placement is important. Preparing for it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015