Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition

Nizette, Debra

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HNN222 Exam Notes

Amazing, detailed notes for HNN222. All seminars from weeks 1-7 and intended learning outcomes are d...

43 pages, 13288 words

HNN222, Weekly Notes

Seminars 1-13, Weeks 1-7 Sem 1 - Week 1 - Psychopharmacology basics Sem 2 - Week 1 - Legal and...

62 pages, 21153 words

HNN222 Mental Health Drugs

Summary of common mental health drugs used in Australia and in the unit according to MIMs

2 pages, 3809 words

HNN222 Mental Health and Illness Notes

My HNN319 Mental Health Notes are typed, colour coded and include a combination of prescribed/recomm...

20 pages, 5489 words


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was an Amazing subject loved every minute of it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013