Corporations Legislation 2019

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Corporations Legislation 2016

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Australian Corporations Legislation


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Corporations Law Exam Notes

Written by Klarissa

Exam notes for the final exam. Scored a HD in the course. Topics: Directors Duties (duty of care,...

41 pages, 52000 words

Corps final super cheat sheet

Written by Daniel

I've poured a lot of blood and sweat into these notes, and have been incredibly thorough with them:...

89 pages, 29566 words

Corps Exam Summary & Example Template

Written by Ellie

Includes: - Directors' duties (statutory and general law (equity/fiduciary/CL)) Eg. DoCSD, good fa...

36 pages, 11230 words

Corporations Law Notes

Written by Klarissa

Detailed notes of the entire course NOT an exam summary. Introduction to Corporations - Key busin...

168 pages, 112998 words

Corporations Law Exam Notes HD

Written by Yasmin

Covers - Who owes directors duties? - Duty of good faith - Duty of care - Defence of business ju...

64 pages, 19679 words

LAWS2203 Corporations Law Study Notes

Written by Emma

All lecture notes and reading notes from weeks 1-12 of the course. TOPIC LIST The Nature of Corp...

26 pages, 14927 words

HD Notes for Corporations Law

Written by Bec

Grade: HD Simple notes that are easy to follow Topics include: - director's duties - member...

53 pages, 20348 words

Corporations Law

Written by Mark

Contains lecture notes and readings from weeks 1 to 12 Please check contents in the sample section...

25 pages, 7388 words

Corporations Law Notes

Written by Amelia

Corporations law - comprehensive notes covering all weeks/lectures/readings in both Semester 1 and 2...

94 pages, 41131 words

Lecture and Reading Notes

Written by Jae

Notes were taken throughout the semester, and includes all relevant legislations and cases with summ...

57 pages, 24343 words


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The course is really well-taught by incredible lecturers. Cam and Michelle have been the most supportive teachers i've had in my time at the ANU thus far, and are very approachable. I would stress on tutorial attendances as they are quite formative of your exam skills, as well as the readings (while ostensibly heavy) and the Corps Act. Very straightforward course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This course is great! The lecturers, Kath, Cam and Stephen are really approachable and supportive of students' learning. They use powerpoint slides to help students follow along better and the required reading is written by them so they really know what they're talking about. It is clear and relatively straightforward to follow. While the tutorials are optional, it is recommended that you attend to find out points of law that you wouldn't otherwise have known.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017