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400863 Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice Notes - HD Student

Written by Tiarne

HD student notes for 400863 Foundations of Research and Evidence-based Practice. Notes include su...

43 pages, 7717 words

Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice EXAM NOTES

Written by Christopher

This Exam Summary covers the most important content from the lecture notes that is most likely to co...

32 pages, 4000 words


Written by Eleni

A brief yet concise summary of all content covered in both 400863 lectures and tutorials for the who...

24 pages, 4444 words

400863: Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice - Complete study guide

Written by Jodie

Covers all lecture content - from Weeks 1-13 - What is EBP? - 5 step EBP process - Quantitative...

29 pages, 6174 words

Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Written by Tahlia

Notes are a summary of the lectures of the FREBP unit. They are highly visual with graphs, diagrams...

28 pages, 7641 words


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Honestly, it was a very simple unit and I didn't realise this until the last day before the exam when I actually sat down to listen to the online lectures and take notes. I was unfortunate to have a not-so-good tutor and hence zoned out in most of the classes. There's a lot of terminology but the lecturer usually explains everything. I didn't have to ever crack the textbook open either. But I must admit, most of us will find it rather boring

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

I actually enjoyed this subject minus the amount of terminology we had to learn. Some stats involved so pay attention and attend the lectures, they really help!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Great introductory subject which teaches you how to research properly and find good and relevant articles. This will help you throughout the remainder of your degree

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2010