Business and the Law

Andrew Terry

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Business and the Law

Andrew Terry

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Business and the Law

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Enterprise Law

Jennifer Lawson and Pamela Devery

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Enterprise law notes: Distinction

Written by Dean

Contracts 1 Contracts 2 Contracts 3 Contracts 4 Negligence law 1 Negligence law 2 Start...

50 pages, 12289 words

Enterprise Law Notes

Written by Ashley

Very concise summary to aid with the open book final exam. Important cases are highlighted and notes...

23 pages, 8940 words

Enterprise Law Notes

Written by Chanel

Module 1 - Australian Legal Systems Module 2 - Negligence Law: accidents and mistakes Module 3 - M...

29 pages, 10519 words

Enterprise Law

Written by Rebekhag

Highly organised notes spanning the textbooks, lectures and modules. Please note when I did this u...

124 pages, 38000 words

Enterprise Law notes, tutorial, lecture, textbook

Written by Morris

Comprehensive notes with the following topics: - History Of Australian Legal System - Levels an...

58 pages, 25000 words

Final Exam Preparation Notes- Enterprise Law

Written by Tom

These notes are great for the final exam as it is open book. It covers all the topics in the final i...

26 pages, 10895 words

Enterprise Law notes

Written by Stefan

Notes for Enterprise Law final exam which can be taken in to the open book exam. Includes colour-cod...

63 pages, 18677 words

Enterprise Law - EXAM NOTES

Written by Chelsea

- All exam modules covered including 'special topics' -Allowed to bring into exam -All summarised...

54 pages, 22819 words

Enterprise Law Notes

Written by Holly

Notes prepared for final exam Details relevant legal elements for each element of a contract, terms...

16 pages, 6064 words


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$40 per hour

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Really consider your workload before undertaking this unit and understand that almost every student finds this unit difficult. It is a school of law subject being taught to students enrolled in other areas eg. school of business. The way they run their units differ in the way they speak to you and the way that knowledge is shared. There is a LOT of content but try not to get to overwhelmed. Seek assistance early and create answer templates to take with you into the exam. Answering law questions is a new skill we all (apparently) must learn. Marking is tough!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Interesting towards the end, at the start of the unit it is quite boring. Teacher can go off topic and they mark very harshly. But an ok unit

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

worst tutor ever - do not go to syd cbd campus for this class

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Interesting subject where you actually learn things relevant to everyday life, with interesting cases as an example. Prepare early for the final exam with relevant headings and a clear understanding on where to find content to support your arguments. Forming a study group may be of use, but overall an enjoyable unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

This unit is challenging at first but it is a very comprehensive introduction to legal issues that are related to business. The quizzes are quite hard but the online content that they give you is very helpful and explains complex legal issues and terms in an easy to understand way. Case studies also make is easier to understand the content. I recommend you print all the online modules to take into the final exam and do the practise exam (and take it with you) as a lot of the questions are similar. Overall a fantastic unit!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

interesting unit! Jennifer Ireland is great also

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016