Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications, Global Edition

Kenneth E. Clow, Donald E. Baack

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Integrated Marketing Communications

William Chitty, Edwina Luck, Nigel Barker, Michael Valos, Terence A. Shimp, J. Craig Andrews

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Integrated Marketing Communications

William Chitty, Nigel Barker, Terence A. Shimp

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Marketing Communications notes

Written by Chelsea

Great for exam and weekly blogs Helps for major group assignment Covers all exam topics TOPICS...

21 pages, 7371 words

Mid Semester Exam Study Notes

Written by Dimi

Chapter Summaries 1-6

9 pages, 2838 words

Integrated Marketing Communications

Written by Joseph

My notes from Summer 2015. Very detailed notes with diagrams in colour and goes through every major...

30 pages, 6556 words


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Overly focused on the group assignment. Content is highly theoretical and questionable... similar to all other marketing subjects.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016