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Torts Negligence Notes - Breach, Damage, Causation, Vicarious Liability, Voluntary Assumption of Risk, Contributory Negligence, Remedies

Written by Tess

Overview of the whole course Colour coded in order of how it should be written in the test Depend...

31 pages, 21346 words

Torts Problem Question Answer Guide

Written by Tegan

These are a step by step answer guide for Negligence - from Vicarious Duty, Breach, Damage, Causatio...

17 pages, 5535 words

Torts Law Final Exam Notes

Written by Serha

CASES INCLUDED - Duty of care: Physical Harm by Positive Act - Duty of care: Mental harm - Duty o...

34 pages, 16741 words

TORTS (Negligence) WSU - Concise Legal Principles and Case Briefs of 2017

Written by Tony

This study notes directly deals with the torts of negligence. Of the 14 weeks of the semester, negli...

153 pages, 66408 words

Torts Notes (D)

Written by Penelope

Basically, an Idiots Guide to Torts. These notes got me a distinction on the closed book exam. Th...

20 pages, 7240 words

Torts Law Notes

Written by Annelise

Comprehensive Torts Law Notes.

51 pages, 3469 words

Torts Law Notes

Written by Mary

Torts Law Notes are the perfect summary to help you revise for your final exam! It includes all the...

19 pages, 5720 words

Torts Final Exam Notes

Written by Teinel

Detailed case summaries organised as per Dr Spencer's provided list. I got 81 for the subject ov...

24 pages, 9000 words

Torts Cheat Sheet

Written by Chanice

A 4 page cheat sheet/ Summary to help with Torts long responses especially for problem questions

4 pages, 1429 words

Torts Law

Written by Richard

Detailed, clear and concise 200008 Torts Law notes. Gave me a HD mark. These notes are well thou...

55 pages, 9065 words


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Set out nicely, but I studied my butt off for this exam and still managed to fail.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Loved this subject. One of the easiest core units you will do in your law degree.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Good subject, pretty straight forward. Know the areas of the CLA and main cases and you'll be fine. Good lecturer made all the difference.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Not an easy subject this semester by far. I would estimate 1/4 of the people enrolled would have failed this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016