Stats: Pearson New International Edition

Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman, David E. Bock

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This unit is an absolute nightmare, the other reviewers are not understating things. This unit is so bad that the unit coordinator didn't even upload a SPOT or SURF survey; clearly he wants to bury his head in the sand. There is little to no support for the labs and you are expected to struggle through them without being taught how to use R. I don't even know what to say about the lectures, beyond that they were incredibly confusing and some of them were uploaded WEEKS late with no explanation. I did this unit in the last sem of my degree (took a semester off in 2nd year), so I've done an entire undergrad degree and can confirm this is unlike any other unit I've ever taken - I honestly don't even have words. This includes 2nd and 3rd year statistics units that were a breeze in comparison, despite having more challenging content. I can confirm that these issues are NOT covid/online learning related - it was clear very early on that there were serious issues with the unit and the way things were organised/run. Advice for people who have no choice but to take this awful unit: 1. Learn R early on - you'll have to teach yourself, but take the time to find another online resource to learn the basics. It will save you so, so, so much time later on. 2. Write a brief TLDR of the content of each lecture as you watch them. Otherwise, at the end of sem you'll be left wondering what the fuck you've actually learned all semester, aside from how to give yourself a migraine over R. 3. Try to find other people taking the unit so you can work through the labs together. It'll be a saving grace. 4. Good luck getting a reply to any email etc, it's probably more help to ask a tutor in your lab. Honestly if this is a complementary unit like it was for me, good fucking luck lol.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

So bad. So, so bad.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

NOTE THAT THIS IS NOW A VERY DIFFERENT UNIT TO THE ONE IN 2019 AND EARLIER. Very disorganised course. Lectures don't get posted for weeks at a time and are sometimes only 25 minutes long. The labs are hot garbage and will hurt you real bad, not because they're super hard, but because they're really badly structured and painful. If you put a space in the wrong place, you'll lose marks. Obviously not enough teaching staff for the number of students. They send an email out saying "If you email the academic, you will be redirected to the discussion boards.", and then completely neglect the discussion boards for the entire semester. Seriously reconsidering my choice of uni after this experience.But hey, the lecturer has a good sense of humour, so that's something I guess.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Would not recommend you to do this unit unless you absolutely have to or if you enjoy stats.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Funny course! Don't do it. The content advertises learning statistics through the programming language R, but could perhaps more correctly be described as learning R through statistics. Without any prior knowledge of coding concepts, it is difficult for students to learn both programming and statistics at once. Despite this focus, the final exam (which is worth 60% of our mark) purports to not include any coding whatsoever. The lab assessments in this unit are extremely frustrating and take a disproportionate amount of time to complete as the content that is needed to finish them is often not uploaded until after the assessment is due. This leads students to either consult a textbook which does not cover all of the course content (and is written in a different programming language entirely) or have to look it up themselves. Emails regarding the topic as well as queries on the discussion board are routinely left unanswered. At least Adriano is funny. Fingers crossed the handling of this unit improves as we ease into a regular teaching schedule once again.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Read two comments from people who did this unit this semester and I couldn't agree with them more. Please don't do this unit if you don't have to.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

One of the worst units I have ever taken. The lecturer seems very punitive over minor mistakes, but regularly makes mistakes in the lab content and lectures. The labs are often very poorly worded, but if you misinterpret the question, you will lose full marks for the question. No part marks here, and the labs are worth 40%. The labs often have incorrect units of measure, incorrect decimal points and incorrect rounding, but if you make any of these mistakes - or don't correctly interpret what the question meant - you lose marks. Because of COVID19, lectures are all supposed to be online, but the lecturer regularly fails to post any new lectures for weeks at a time, meaning it's up to the student to cram hours of lectures when they finally do get published. The only consolation? The lecturer says "don't worry about marks, it's about the learning experience". Well, that would necessitate that there was a learning experience to fall back on. To make matters worse, the prescribed "textbook" is some online thing that's all in Python (the unit is R), and only covers parts of the course. On top of all that, the mid-semester test was cancelled, and we've had no feedback on our progress other than automatically marked labs. We've only just gotten a "sample exam" (full of grammatical errors) a couple of weeks before the exam. If it's "about the learning experience", go and do a free online course and learn a lot more. Avoid if possible!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

DO NOT DO THIS UNIT. The lecturer is incredibly boring and can be hard to follow along. The labs are rubbish. We are not taught anything to do with the labs or the weekly assessments prior to coming to the labs. So when you get your work you have no idea how to answer any of it. Coding is not covered in the lectures until week 6 but you are assessed weekly from week 2. With everything moved online halfway through this semester, it has been a cluster F for this unit in particular. The online labs are shocking. There are a maximum of 15 students per lab (out of 300 enrolled students) and when you have a question you need to wait to be assigned a tutor. The average wait time to talk to a tutor is 1 hour. Then hopefully they can answer your coding question, which often takes 20-40 min. You had better hope you don't have two questions because you'll go to the back of the queue again. I ended up attending all three available online labs (instead of just the one assigned on my timetable) and still by the end of the week I wasn't able to finish the lab worksheet. So by the time the assessment was due, there would be questions unanswered because I wasn't able to have those questions answered. There is a special email account you can ask questions to directly... good luck getting a response. There is also a discussion board you can post questions to.... if you do get an answer it is not within the same week. We've absolutely no idea what the exam is going to be on, and on multiple occasions, Adriano has said he cannot give us examples to go off to get the gist of what the style of questions might be like. The midterm exam was cancelled, and so the end of semester exam will have a higher weighting. 2 out of the 10 assessed labs will also not count towards our grade. Thankfully this semester, due to the COVID19 mess, we will have the option of having this unit as an ungraded pass... though the condition of that is that you need to pass in the first place.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Curriculum is fairly easy and straightforward, and the lectures are nearly perfect, but the labs are garbage. They're sensitive to non-errors (i.e you're wrong if you write 3.50 instead of 3.5 and such) and you don't get to see the actual answers. Most of the time you end up just executing premade code anyway. I would much rather been assigned a fairly complex case and turn in a statistical report or something like that The tests and exams are incredibly easy though

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

We weren't given feedback on our weekly labs and our test which made it hard to know where to improve so I just kept making the same mistakes. We also weren't given a practice exam so knowing what to study and how much you needed to know was also hard. Tough unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019