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SSEH condensed summer unit notes!

Written by Tharshinee

Super condensed notes with all the main key points from all of the lecture slides. Helped me a lot w...

19 pages, 3698 words

SSEH1103 - Full Semester Notes (2017)

Written by Jake

These notes cover the lecture content in a concise and organised manner, incorporating concepts whic...

51 pages, 12622 words

SSEH1103 - Physical Health & Fitness

Written by Ben

Full lecture notes for SSEH1103, Semester 1, 2013.

62 pages, 1000 words


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This was the best unit I've ever done, I absolutely loved it! I was a bit hesitant initially as I'm not very good at sport but it honestly doesn't matter, it's more about having fun. You really must study for the exam though, don't go thinking it will be easy as I studied so much and thought I had everything down packed but there were heaps of tricky and specific questions and you really had to know your stuff.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Such a fun unit to study. The teaching staff are great. Running and resistance pracs are a lot of fun, and the emphasis is on participation and 'challenge by choice' - I'm female and haven't done resistance training before, but found it very welcoming and not at all intimidating. You don't get marked on performance in the labs, but they do help your understanding of the lecture content, which is generally quite easy. 40% of the assessment is super easy, but the final 60% is an exam and I found some of the questions a bit strangely worded/ hard to know what exactly was being asked. But overall, a fun and easy unit. They also really encourage people to work in groups and make friends in the pracs/labs, making it a great atmosphere to work out in

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017