The Student's Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience

Jamie Ward

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PSYC3317/2217 Cognitive Neuroscience notes

Written by Jasmine

Notes for all the lectures covered in the final exam, with a glossary of all the key words used in t...

65 pages, 17131 words

PSYC3317 Cognitive Neuroscience notes

Written by Shannon

PSYC3317 Cognitive Neuroscience notes

68 pages, 20083 words

PSYC2217/3317: Cognitive Neuroscience

Written by Dhrutika

Lecture and Chapter Notes

28 pages, 7770 words

PSYC2217/PSYC3317 Cognitive neuroscience notes

Written by Georgia

Notes from the lectures & textbook (mainly textbook) Chapters aren't in order but notes are very...

104 pages, 19927 words


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Start writing your lab report early and have a good idea of what data you are using early. Mine changed every other week and I ended up having to rush it over the last week. It's not as guided as the others so it can't be rustled up in a day. Keep up to date with lectures as there is a lot of content to remember. In terms of psych units, it was definitely one of the harder ones.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014