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PSYC1102 End Semester Examination Notes

Comprehensive and condensed study package covering content assessed in the PSYC1102 end-of-semester...

59 pages, 22018 words

PSYC1102 Final Exam Notes (Mark = 90% HD)

Fully comprehensive notes for the final PSYC1102 exam. The notes were made from both the slides...

75 pages, 22943 words

PSYC1102 Detailed Unit Notes

Highly detailed PSYC1102 notes from Sem 2 2022. Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Psychology and...

76 pages, 20868 words

PSYC1102 Semester Notes (23 Pages)

Concise notes compiled from lecture notes, textbooks and additional readings. Sorted into key concep...

23 pages, 5298 words

PSYC1102 - Revision Notes

Concise notes for the entire PSYC1102 unit. Summarised well to ensure that studying for the multiple...

19 pages, 4407 words

PSYC1102: Behaviour in Context

Textbook Chapter Notes Topics: Research Methods Language and Thinking Intelligence Infancy a...

24 pages, 12000 words

PSYC1102 Notes

All Topics Covered - Scientific Methodology - Developmental Psychology - Abnormal Psychology - P...

186 pages, 50880 words

PSYC1102 Full Notes

Notes detailing all the main concepts and examination material sourced from the textbook (which is t...

88 pages, 18000 words

PSYC1102 Notes

I used these notes to study for the exam and finished with a mark of 84%. Notes are detailed in a ve...

119 pages, 22254 words

PSYC1102 Notes

I have summarised each of the chapter readings required for this unit into my own words. I believe c...

43 pages, 18745 words


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This unit will not be fun - enjoyers of PSYC1101, you have been warned. However you will learn a lot. This unit is intense, potentially even more so than second year units having done both myself but it will equip you with foundational knowledge you'll use for the rest of your trajectory.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Exam is fine, since they only require you to study the materials for the second half of the semester. Some questions are on textbook. However, the short answer assignment might be the hardest part of this unit for me. They called it short answer, but they expected you to write it as if you write a lab report with a bunch of criteria and harsh marking. As an international student, I found it hard to do since i dont have a wide english wording, though I did good on PSYC1101 lab report.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

An engaging, interesting unit overall. If you had fun in PYSC1101 most likely you will like this unit as well. The assessments are slightly different than PYSC1101--there is no lab report, but a mid semester exam instead. There is also research participation/essay (graded), short answer questions (graded), MCQ quizzes (which are sometimes discussed in labs together) and topical quizzes (which are not graded). Content in the first six weeks are tested in the midsem, and the other half of the semester is tested in the final exam: this definitely makes it easier to learn, as it is slightly more content heavy than PSYC1101. In labs the demonstators are super nice and helpful, and you even get to try data analysis on a software! The exam is 90 MCQs, with 10 questions done lab report style. Some content is from the textbook, so it is handy if you at least have a read through the textbook before your exam. (Though no need to buy the textbook. Just read it online)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Not recommended if you're not interested in psychology or if you're doing this as an elective. It's not an easy class and there's a lot of memorisation to do. The lab report was challenging partially because there's a lot of contradicting instructions or informations. The topic that we did it on was also confusing. The exam takes things from lectures, textbook and labs so you need to stay on top of chapter readings and classes. The exam felt more like a test on whether or not you've watched lectures/done reading rather than testing your understanding of the materials itself. Overall, it's not an easy HD, but it's manageable if you're still taking first year classes.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Did this unit online. It wasn't an easy HD, but if you've done psyc1101 this shouldn't be very difficult. Lab reports were marked somewhat harshly, but it is pretty clear what to do to get an HD. Exam consisted of information from both the lectures and the textbook, unlike psyc1101 where its all from the textbook. Just make sure to read the chapters every week! I wouldn't recommend it if you're not interested in psychology as it can be a little heavy for a first year unit. Overall, I can recommend this unit to anyone who's interested in psych.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

I wouldn’t say its an easy HD but definitely a achievable. Lab report is easy if you know what you’re doing as you’re given so much information. Make sure you go to labs because there are questions in the exam. As long as you stay on top of readings and content youll be fine!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Great unit. The lab report is relatively easy as you're given all the statistics, past HD examples and a concise breakdown of what is expected. It is a little content heavy but the exam is multiple choice and easy if you've done the weekly quizzes. The topics covered are very interesting and it is evident that the unit coordinators care and are passionate about what they teach. The credit points are a little annoying but very interesting to do as you are mainly taking part in honours students work. Overall, I highly recommend!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Don't listen to older reviews - unit has changed!! Overall was an average learning experience. I think it's only an easy HD IF you've done psyc in ATAR. Lab reports were marked harshly and exam was no longer based on quizzes. Would highly NOT recommend, unless you've had prior knowledge/teaching in psyc.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

This is a very well organised unit and the lectures are good. I enjoyed the content of this unit more than PSYC1101, but it isn't as easy. The PSYC1101 exam is pulled straight from the weekly quizzes so you can easily get 90%+ just by doing the weekly quizzes hundreds of times to practice. However the PSYC1102 exam is mainly content straight from the textbook, so you need to stay on top of reading the text and understanding the concepts. I felt like the lectures were just meant to give examples and a better understanding of concepts from the textbook, so don't make the same mistake I did by thinking the lecture content is enough- read and study the textbook for every topic. I found the lab reports were marked rather strictly for both PSYC1101 & PSYC1102. With maximum effort, I could only get a D in both.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

This unit is one I simply didn't enjoy. The lectures are well structured and contained a lot of interesting content, but the way they assessed it did not provide an accurate means of your understanding of the unit. The lab report is marked in a mildly strict manner; one or two small mistakes can result in a large reduction in your mark and the tutors, unfortunately, can't do much about that. They do provide good feedback, though. The tutors did make the unit enjoyable with the labs that aided in my understanding. This year, they changed the exam and said that they are no longer using questions from the quizzes... Instead of practising quizzes the whole time like in 1101, I went through the textbook and lectures to find anything useful that I might not understand. This understandably took a lot of time as I found my understanding wasn't particularly strong. I did some quizzes for practice just in case, and it turned out that the exam was comprised of mostly questions from the quizzes. That to say the least was infuriating. I do not recommend this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020