Psychology AUST

Michael W. Passer, Passer and Smith, Ronald Edward Smith

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Psychology AUST

Michael W. Passer, Passer and Smith, Ronald Edward Smith

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SW Psych+Pract Gde Writing+CNC

Passer / Taines

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Written by Christopher

The note is very detailed, summarised according to the content on the textbook. I have adjusted at t...

43 pages, 14731 words

PSYC1102 End Semester Examination Notes

Written by Patrick

Comprehensive and condensed study package covering content assessed in the PSYC1102 end-of-semester...

59 pages, 22018 words

PSYC1102 Full Notes

Written by Laura

Notes detailing all the main concepts and examination material sourced from the textbook (which is t...

88 pages, 18000 words

PSYC1102: Behaviour in Context

Written by Dhrutika

Textbook Chapter Notes Topics: Research Methods Language and Thinking Intelligence Infancy a...

24 pages, 12000 words

PSYC1102 Final Exam Notes (Mark = 90% HD)

Written by Alex

Fully comprehensive notes for the final PSYC1102 exam. The notes were made from both the slides...

75 pages, 22943 words


Written by Sheridan

Topics Include: -Studying Behaviour Scientifically -Language and Thinking -Development Over The L...

84 pages, 26118 words

PSYC1102 Exam Notes

Written by Dee

A comprehensive set of notes compiled from the textbook, lectures and labs. Using these notes, I...

106 pages, 27908 words

PSYC1102 Notes

Written by Jasmine

I used these notes to study for the exam and finished with a mark of 84%. Notes are detailed in a ve...

119 pages, 22254 words

PSYC1102 Psychology: Behaviour in Context Notes

Written by Ella

Topics included: - Language & Thinking - Development Over the Lifespan - Health and Wellbeing...

10 pages, 2293 words

PSYC1102 Semester Notes (23 Pages)

Written by Anam

Concise notes compiled from lecture notes, textbooks and additional readings. Sorted into key concep...

23 pages, 5298 words


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This is a very well organised unit and the lectures are good. I enjoyed the content of this unit more than PSYC1101, but it isn't as easy. The PSYC1101 exam is pulled straight from the weekly quizzes so you can easily get 90%+ just by doing the weekly quizzes hundreds of times to practice. However the PSYC1102 exam is mainly content straight from the textbook, so you need to stay on top of reading the text and understanding the concepts. I felt like the lectures were just meant to give examples and a better understanding of concepts from the textbook, so don't make the same mistake I did by thinking the lecture content is enough- read and study the textbook for every topic. I found the lab reports were marked rather strictly for both PSYC1101 & PSYC1102. With maximum effort, I could only get a D in both.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

This unit is one I simply didn't enjoy. The lectures are well structured and contained a lot of interesting content, but the way they assessed it did not provide an accurate means of your understanding of the unit. The lab report is marked in a mildly strict manner; one or two small mistakes can result in a large reduction in your mark and the tutors, unfortunately, can't do much about that. They do provide good feedback, though. The tutors did make the unit enjoyable with the labs that aided in my understanding. This year, they changed the exam and said that they are no longer using questions from the quizzes... Instead of practising quizzes the whole time like in 1101, I went through the textbook and lectures to find anything useful that I might not understand. This understandably took a lot of time as I found my understanding wasn't particularly strong. I did some quizzes for practice just in case, and it turned out that the exam was comprised of mostly questions from the quizzes. That to say the least was infuriating. I do not recommend this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Although a somewhat interesting unit, I always found my self wondering what the point of watching the lectures were when 90 percent of the exam (weighted 50%) and 100 percent of the quizzes came from the McGraw Hill textbook. If you're interested in learning psychology, you might as well pay $30 for the online textbook or a second-hand copy and save yourself $845 for enduring a whole semester of this unit while studying it all at home. Would not recommend to anyone who isn't OVERALLY interested in psychology.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Interesting unit. Lab report was easy to complete so long as you follow the APA guidelines and the instructions given. Would recommend as an elective.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This unit is AMAZING!! lectures are very well planned out and the content is clear and easy to understand. The main assignment which is a 1500 word essay (worth 33%) is totally doable. they give you an example paper and a very clear marking guide. just follow the instructions and compare your work to the practice essay, along with following the marking guide and an HD or D is totally achievable. Now for the exam, the textbook is a lifesaver and you NEED to do the quizzes. the exam is based of the lectures AND textbook, so they can ask questions for the textbook that is not covered in the lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

This unit was a reminder to myself as to why I hated psychology in high school and why I will never do a psychology unit again. Only good thing was that the exam was all multiple choice.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

pretty ok. Once you know how to study psychology you're going to be on track.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Loved it! A more behavioural/ less scientific approach than PSYC1101. Take the majority of your notes from the textbook and add in the extra information from labs and lecturers and you'll be sure to score high.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Very easy distinction/high distinction with minimal effort. Harder than psych1101 and I feel more to remember and not as interesting but still somewhat interesting

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Definitely more interesting than PSYC1101 and the exam questions come mainly from the chapters in the text book. Not to mention the exam is only MCQs so it was super easy to score high.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017