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Strategic Marketing - Final Exam Notes

Includes all notes from lectures and tutorials. Topics Covered: 1. Introduction 2. Case study...

10 pages, 3252 words


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This unit is easily passable with minimal workload prior to the exam required. Lecturer is funny but not that helpful. The unit is so disorganised and lecture slides are useless. The grading system is a mess. When I say passable, I mean getting a high pre exam mark is very possible as long as you participate in tutes and do the group assignment properly. You then need to score at least 40% in the exam to be able to pass. The exam is a bit weird. You only have 2 essay questions (20 marks each, total 40% of your overall grade). A sample question: If you have a prayer session before raising your price, then you do not have a successful business. Discuss. For the group presentation and report, there are individual and group components (20% each). This is a bit ridiculous because for the presentation, your individual mark is simply based on how well you do during the presentation, meaning that slackers usually take advantage of this by not contributing enough prior but managed to stand out during the presentation, resulting in higher mark for them. There is a peer evaluation, but if one person in your team does noy want to do, the tutor will not consider it (imagine this: you do not help at all and there is a way for you to get the same marks as those who did everything, obviously you won't do the peer evaluation right?). The group assignment is a bit disorganised because the lecture content about the case study that you will be presenting will come out less than a week before your presentation (lectures are on Friday and if your tute is next Wednesday, then you gotta wait till then or you need to do research yourselves). Since this is a core unit for mktg majors, I'd suggest to focus on other units that you are doing. It would be better if you can make it to the lectures as it is quite interactive and fun (there are free drinks sometimes). You do not need to do additional studies aside from that lecture in my opinion. Try to stand out during the presentation compared to your other team members (pick do to the intro and make your part engaging) and do your best for the report. Approaching exam week, start skimming through the lectures if you never attended. If you are a mktg major, I am sure you will find the lecture content very easy, so you won't really get much out of them unless you attend live. All you need to do is use a framework or two from the lecture content that can work well to answer your exam questions (about 600-700 words per question). Try to reread the questions and answer it based on your opinion with the lecture content as supporting arguments. If you do this, I am sure you will be alright and may even end up with D or HD because you would have at least scored 16/40 in the exam and possibly very high pre exam mark.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021