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Summary Notes

Written by Tayla

Summary notes of each topic in the unit

109 pages, 31481 words

Thorough and Concise Finance Law Notes

Written by Raymond

Very thorough, but concise Finance Law notes, see the contents page in the sample. Includes very cle...

84 pages, 24878 words

LAWS3306: Concise Exam Notes

Written by Tasha

The exam was not open book, so these concise, yet detailed, notes really helped me to study for the...

12 pages, 5388 words


Written by Taryn

A complete summary of Finance Law covering Week 1 all the way up to Week 13 (covers all 24 lectures)...

66 pages, 22365 words

Finance Law

Written by Destiny

Finance Law notes for LAWS3306 semester 1 2016 Comprehensive notes

73 pages, 24543 words

LAWS3306 Finance Law Notes (2016)

Written by Martin

These are my LAWS3306 Finance Law notes I made throughout the course of semester 1, 2016. These...

99 pages, 26500 words

Finance Law Lecture Notes

Written by Clódagh

Comprehensive LAWS3306 notes made from lecture content, sometimes supplemented with additional notes...

76 pages, 33315 words

Comprehensive notes on Finance Law

Written by Ada

Summary of examined topics.

13 pages, 5510 words

Finance Law Notes

Written by Clancy

These notes cover in detail the following topics: - security interests (attachment, perfection, pri...

79 pages, 26424 words


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This was an interesting unit. The content was mostly revision of the Personal Property Securities Act for the beginning of the semester (this was the topic of the assignment) and the second half is focused on negotiable instruments like cheques and bills of exchange. The lecturer was great - on topic and interesting and was very good at answering questions in an easy to understand manner.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014