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FINA1221 Final Exam Notes

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Medium difficulty unit. Lecturer has a thick accent, so you will need to teach yourself the content from the lecture slides (which are poorly organised and very confusing). Some of the tutors were completely useless and others were actually very good. 10% particpation, 20% online quiz, 30% online mid sem and 40% final exam. If you put in a bit of effort you can get a HD, make sure to pick up al the marks you can as final exam was moderatly difficult

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Unless you are majoring in finance do not do this unit! The semester 2 lecturer (mosharraf) had very subpar english speaking skills and a very thick accent. When you attend his lectures in person they are very confusing and many times not understandable. The lectures do not at all explain how to do the in class tutorial questions. Luckily i had a great tutor who was able to teach the content very well (ms ma). The material itself was reasonably complicated (high school level maths), but because you had to teach yourself the content 9/10 times which then required a lot more effort and time. 10% of the grade was participation, but it is very difficult to actively participate when the content is taught very poorly. 20% came from quizzes which is easy to achieve as you got unlimited attempts. The mid semester was online and poorly designed. It contained questions that were worth 5 marks each, and because it was online no follow through marks could be given so one singular answer was worth 5 marks. The end of semester exam was 45% containing mostly multiple choice with some longer written questions at then end. The lecturer included content in the final exam that he specifically said was not going to be covered in the final exam which is a complete joke. Additionally quite often questions covered in tutorials and quizzes were not even mentioned in the lectures but he assumed you would know it cause its in the textbook. So make sure you read the textbook. Overall this unit was not at all enjoyable. Don't bother attending or watching the lectures as you will need to teach yourself the whole unit anyways. Paid 1.8K essentially to teach finance to myself.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Have just completed the unit and didn't enjoy it in the slightest. The unit coordinator/lecturer (Mosh) speaks poor English and makes the teaching very confusing. Resorted to reading the lecture slides and learning on my own as listening was just too confusing. The course concepts are not simple and mostly do not relate to personal finance and investing. 20% of the unit was basically guaranteed as it consisted of weekly online quizzes with unlimited attempts. 10% came from participation in the tutorials which was harder to get. You had to actively participate in the class which is difficult when 20 students are trying to beat you to it while you barely understand the content due to the poor teaching. Some tutorial questions covered work not taught in lectures and it's assumed you would learn on your own through reading the textbook. At this point why bother with having teachers? Most of the tutorial teachers weren't any better, with most struggling with English and explaining course concepts. Attended many different tutorials and found only 1 good teacher so would recommend doing the same. Overall regret doing the unit and would definitely not recommend taking it as your elective. Hope the teaching style and course concepts will change in the future and reflect the intentions of the course.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

This semester this unit was run by Dr Frank and Danial. They were amazing lecturers who frequently responded to student queries in the discussion board. The unit is graded by the MFL tests(30%) tutorials(10%) mid sems(20%) and finals 40(%) MFL tests are a easy 30% if you put a effort in understanding how to solve the questions. Furthermore its unlimited attempts and Dr frank and Danial usually break down each questions if you ask about it in the discussion board. Tutorials are a easy 10% as long as you do the lecture questions beforehand(depends on tutor i guess) Mid sems and Finals were open book but still moderately challenging if you don't practice some questions and get familiar with the theory. A problem I had was getting stuck in the theory questions as usually i would just memorize how to do a question but wouldn't understand why i use this formula so i suggest you guys do actually get familiar with the content. Overall pretty great introductory unit for people who don't have prior knowledge on finance, managed to score HD on this unit even though i never studied finance before. My advice for anyone taking this unit, get familiar with basic excel functions like pmt,npv,irr,rate,pv. This will make your life way easier as you don't have to memorize all the formulas by heart(although you probaly should) which will give you more time for exams.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

Overall, the unit wasn't that hard as long as you keep up with tutorial questions and make sure to put in full effort for the quizzes. Midsem was definitely time-constrained and having a excel sheet set up with calculations didn't help that much. Was unfortunate that the midsem was set up in a way that prevented students from going back to previous questions which hindered time management. Found myself quite lost in the second half of the unit and it wasn't until I had meticulously done every my finance lab question available for exam practice that I felt at all prepared. Exam was open book in person which was fine and mostly multiple choice with a couple show your working extended answers. Found the unit a bit of a turn off for finance in general. Ended up with a very high HD regardless, but still, definitely more effort than I had expected having done well in accounting and finance atar. Woudn't recommend as an elective, most concepts aren't really that practical for non-finance people and feedback from science and biomed major friends who did the unit with me wasn't good.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit was very hard to follow in the first part found the lecture was really of topic the layout of the mid semester exam also made the first half of the unit hard. The second half was run by a better lecture and was easier to follow and the final exam was easy with it being multiple choice and open book.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

This unit was quite tough for someone who has not studied finance at all before. The MyFinanceLab was quite a pain at time if you wanted to retry and retry to get 100%. The content was relatively interesting, and is quite math-heavy. The online forums were well managed though, and the lecturer really took time to answer students' questions.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

This unit will be simple for you if you love doing calculations. Otherwise, you'll struggle as the quizzes were tedious and hard to do. Midsem was so difficult and many of us could not complete in time. Found that the lectures boring as they kept focusing on the concepts and briefly went over calculations but not really on how to actually approach questions you'll see on your tutorials and quizzes. You'll only learn how to solve them through the discussion board.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

The content covered in the unit is quite interesting; applying mathematical equations, theory and logic to 'real life' situations. I believe that the unit structure and assignment process and weighting was really well organised, fair and representative of a students ability. The content, if taught well, is relatively straight forward and easy to understand. However, the teaching of the content is ultimately what let this unit down. I personally did not learn well from Mosha at all and it was this stress and confusion of the course that lead to any negative feelings towards it. Overall, I certainly would not say it is an easy unit or guaranteed HD, but practise and rote-learning of answers (as the tutorial questions and assessment questions are virtually the same) will assist you. Basically, i liked the content but the teaching is what made me not enjoy it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

I found this unit rather difficult as the quizzes, although have unlimited attempts, they take quite long to do. Many questions that are seen in the quizzes tend to reappear in the exam in a similar fashion. I think that doing this unit will require lots of hard-work and dedication as it is not an easy unit. If you want to do this unit as an easy HD I would not recommend. I believe that I only got a HD in this unit because of COVID as the lecturers changed the exam weightage down from 70% to 60%. Despite this, I found this unit very useful and interesting and the unit lecturers teach these concepts quite well and to the level that you need to know. The best thing about this unit were the lecturers as they are very useful and make up for the hardness of the unit to a particular extent. Frank tends to answer questions on the discussion forums quite quickly and in depth, explaining step by step of to solve the harder calculations in this unit. Despite this, I found tutorials quite useless as tutors tend to simply go over the tutorial questions which have answers that are uploaded onto LMS anyway.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020