Australian Corporate Law

Jason R. Harris, Anil Hargovan, Michael Andrew Adams

For sale by Isabella for $95

Australian Corporate Law

Jason R. Harris, Anil Hargovan, Michael Andrew Adams

For sale by Sebastian for $95

Australian Corporate Law

Jason Harris, Anil Hargovan and Michael Adams

For sale by Jordan for $90

Australian Corporations Legislation 2016 Edition


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Australian Corporate Law 5th Edition

Jason Harris

For sale by Eric for $30

Australian Corporate Law

Jason Harris, Anil Hargovan, Michael Adams

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Australian Corporate Law, 5th Edition

J. & Hargovan Harris (A. & Adams, M.), A. Hargovan, M. Adams

For sale by Vyvy for $70

Australian Corporate Law, 5th Edition

J. & Hargovan Harris (A. & Adams, M.), A. Hargovan, M. Adams

For sale by Sam for $80

External Administration & Insolvency Comparison Matrix

Written by Jackson

Advantages & Disadvatages summerised for; Winding Up Receivership Voluntary Administration Sche...

2 pages, 330 words

The only ACL Notes you will ever need.

Written by Jackson

These notes are extremely comprehensive and cover: Incorporation and its Consequences Internal O...

51 pages, 30000 words

UTS 79014 Applied Company Law Notes

Written by Raymond

Topics: - Alternative Business Structures - Incorporation and Its Consequences (Part 1) - Incor...

48 pages, 18914 words

Complete ACL notes for final exam. Statutory + Case Law

Written by Sheila

- this note covers all the topics for the final exam (statutory law + case law included), which are:...

24 pages, 11336 words

D ACL notes with all statutory law + case law in the topics.

Written by Sheila

- this note covers topic 1-5 (statutory law + case law included) --> topic 1: business structures...

21 pages, 12991 words

79014 HD ACL Notes

Written by Kimberly

Full copy of ACL notes. Covers podcasts, tutorial notes, textbook readings, legislation readings and...

53 pages, 24298 words

79014 HD ACL Notes - Summarise

Written by Kimberly

Super summarised ACL notes that I took into the final exam with me (open book). Covers only what you...

17 pages, 8119 words

79014 - Applied Company Law Handy Case Law Summary Notes

Written by Niree

Summary notes on case studies covered in 79014 - Applied Company Law subject. Super handy! Great re...

7 pages, 16002 words

Applied Company Law Full HD Notes

Written by Alister

Full set of notes that make a HD easily attainable. -All topics covered -Comprehensive with text...

27 pages, 11419 words

Applied Company Law Summary

Written by Benjamin

A comprehensive summary of the entire ACL subject including references to Corporations Act and the r...

18 pages, 6865 words


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you won't have enough time to use the textbook in the final exam. don't bother brining it. they allow notes in the exam. bring them and make sure it covers every topic because in the final exam they test 2 topics. if you have notes you can litearlly copy it all down on the final exam. I got distinction in this subject doing that not even knowing what law really is. - Accounting student.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2018

I really liked this subject. It isn't that hard because it is all in the lecture. Don't over think it or try to use common sense just do exactly what she says in the lectures. The final exam was hard because it really pushed you to finish in time. One question on directors duties and the other on insolvency. Big tip, do the weekly practice questions and ask your tutor to critique them because I only did this at the end and realised I was doing them wrong. They want it all a specific way so literally follow the steps she gives in the lectures.

Anonymous, Autumn session, 2018

The tutorials and participation marks may put you off. But they definitely don't mark as hard as they say. It's an alright subject, not difficult at all. Lectures were useless, and textbook is definitely required for the subject, as slides are pretty much a brief outline. Overall, not as bad as I thought, and wasn't too difficult to get a distinction.

Anonymous, Summer session, 2016

You should choose Grace as your tutor because she really teaches you what you need to know in the exam

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Interesting subject; poorly examined. Use your time VERY efficiently in the final exam and prepare extensively for the mid-sem exam.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

It was ok! At first very boring but then it got more interesting about the law and cases. Wish the tutorials were more effective!!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

key thing is you know how to apply the legal case/theory and use it sufficiently

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014